Care Giver Compliments

Customer EP said in a recent review,
“Victoria is my main [care giver], she always knows what I need, and goes above and beyond”.

Customer SS in a recent telephone review said 

“Nasim is the best [care giver] always takes care of me and friendly. Always asks if I need anything else doing before she leaves.”

Over the weekend customer JT rang the office to compliment one of our care givers Faiza she said 

“She is always smiling, never pulls a face. I asked Faiza to hang out the washing for me, she happily did it. She is an absolute darling.”

Comment from Care Manager

‘Our amazing care givers Jeanette and Asad bought customer JP a birthday cake and sang her happy birthday. I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers, so many caring people in the world.”

Customer review JP 

“Office is always on the ball; they are very good. We feel safe with Enterprise. Javed is a huge support. He always responds. He has worked very hard and has excellent continuity, Javed is an asset to the company.”

Customer HW's son's comments


“Absolutely brilliant dad is very happy I am over the moon thank you so much everything you told me would happen did happen, and dads home was very clean tidy when I arrived on Monday morning unlike the last care company my only regret is that I did not change to Enterprise Homecare a long time ago; I’ve spoken to my dad’s social worker yesterday - she checked all was good and I told her it was fantastic and thanked her for passing us over to you again thank you and thank the young lady who did his care (Bushra) my mind is at ease which means the world"

Kind regards


Customer Review

In a recent customer review, customer RO's daughter said “Leslie is amazing, always does more than expected”. “Leslie is amazing . She should get employee of month. She is very caring and takes good care of mum. I’m not worried about the care mum is getting”.

Customer BC's Comment 

 She said “I cannot compliment Bushra enough. She is very very good, Lovely girl. Makes me feel good. Always asking me if I need anything, she talks with me, we have a laugh. 

Bushra is a very nice and tidy girl.

Customer JR's comments (Retired GP)  via e-mail

I’d like to give some feedback about my carer Naz. 

I find her very personable and very supportive and professional. 

The reason for this email arises from me being seen in the lymphoedema clinic last Friday. The specialist nurse commented on ‘the quality of the skin on my lower legs has never been so good ‘she felt. This is solely because of the careful attention Naz has given them.

Having little experience with this condition she has researched it and learned about the use of compression and using the Lymph assist machine in controlling symptoms.

Naz has shown me that I desperately needed care but was unaware of it. She’s made a huge positive impact on my quality of life, for which I’m very thankful.